Junior Cricket
(5-12 yrs)

Nelson Cricket Association provides opportunities for boys and girls of all ages. Whether they are picking up a bat and ball for the first time or have been playing for a while. Our grade system is designed to help our aspiring junior cricketers develop the skills to progress, enjoy and participate fully in the game.


A great place to start for our aspiring junior cricketers that are new to the game. NZ Crickets Smash Play programme (5 – 12-year-olds), has a focus on game play, values, and enjoyment. Every session has more hits, more catches, more action to provide quality experiences for all.

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Our junior competitions are mixed for boys and girls with some rule adjustments to help our young aspiring cricketers to learn the game, develop their skills and enjoy playing as part of a team. Our junior club competitions start at 9th grade and move up to 6th grade for school years 1 – 8 (5 – 12-year-olds). Competition formats are T20 and T25 that run from October to March. It’s important to find the right grade for all our aspiring cricketers to provide quality experiences for all. If you are interested in playing in our junior competition, click below to find a club near you...

What is The ANZ Junior Game?

ANZ Junior Game

ANZ Junior Game