Play HQ

Introducing PlayHQ

New Zealand Cricket has as rolled out a new competition management, club management and e-scoring platform, PlayHQ. You can learn more about the platform on PlayHQs website

All Junior Cricket teams in Year 5 and above are required to score in PlayHQ. A parent or supporter from each team scores the match together.

Any questions regarding PlayHQ please contact Dustin. 

Quick reference links for PlayHQ:

  • Play HQ Admin Portal (for admins with higher access rights/club administrators) – (you can edit a result, scorecard or key in a result here – you have 72 hours after the start of the game but this will be extended to 120 hour for all grades

  • Play HQ E-Scoring Sessions (game day – electronic scoring admins and club admins) - (you can only score a game here – log in, key in ground, make a pin number, click on the pitch number and then the fixture in that order)

  • Play HQ Public Facing Site (General/Everyone -Fixtures/Pitch Locations – no admin rights required) -

  • My Teams Overview – There is some handy information in the support area of Play HQ on ‘My Teams’ which can be accessed by all participants, managers, coaches and admins with a Play HQ account. This will list the teams you are part of and the games/schedule you have coming up. You can find the link to the Play HQ support page on ‘My teams’ here so you can get a feel for it and where to find it within your Play HQ profile on the public facing site.

Administrators will need to signup for PlayHQ