Male Cricket

The popularity of cricket has been rising globally. This exposure has helped attract new players of all ages to the game we love. Nelson continues to produce amazing cricketers with some going on to represent the Central Districts and New Zealand. The growth of cricket within the region has seen Nelson Cricket Association provide more opportunities for our cricketers of all ages to play more often.

Whether you are an aspiring Black Cap or just wanting to play for fun, Nelson Cricket Association has a range of playing options for all ages and skill-levels.

Development Opportunities

Nelson Griffins Pathways (Yr 9 – 10)

Nelson Griffins Pathways Town vs Country (Yr 9 – 10)

Pathway Opportunities

Nelson Griffins Development Yr 9 – 10 (U15)

Nelson Griffins Yr 9 – 10 (U15)

Nelson Griffins Yr 11 – 12 (U17)

Nelson Pine Industries Griffins Open / Senior